Monday, May 22, 2017

Haiku #4: itch

In continuation of a month of surprises, I was named Haiku Master of the Week by Haiku Masters on NHK World-Japan! My husband, Jonathan Montgomery Pollock, took the photo below inside the Rosehill Cemetery Mausoleum in Chicago, Illinois. This photo, along with the haiku below (edited for the show to fit three lines), comprised last week's winning submission and are viewable at the website's Gallery with accompanying video and judges' commentary. See my post from May 8 for more details about this and our other photo haiku featured this month on the show:

of old wounds
I pick myself

Rosehill Cemetery Mausoleum in Chicago, Illinois.
Photo by Jonathan Montgomery Pollock.

"itch," copyright 2017 Amelia Cotter (first published with Jonathan's photo in East on Central Volume 14: 2015-2016, 2015)