Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Poem #2: This Girl

Happy New Year! This is a nostalgic piece that I wrote for a friend in college about 15 years ago, with positive thoughts for beginning this brand new year:

One girl can paint pictures,
       But rarely does she raise a brush.
Another thinks of words for poetry,
       But seldom bothers to write them down.
Yet another sings so sweet,
But only when no one is there to hear it.
In truth the three are simply one,
A girl with adventure and light in her eyes.
And with all that she is now discovering,
Where will she keep her knowledge safe?
So she grows a bed of flowers,
       Plants a seed for each little hurtful truth.
But what radiant petals unfold before her,
Leave her in awe of her discoveries, her selves.
May their faultless edges be inspiration,
That soon her own truths may blossom there, too.

"This Girl," copyright 2019 Amelia Cotter (first published in Way of the Word Limited First Edition Anthology, 2009)