Friday, January 3, 2020

Poem #4: The Brandenburg

Happy 2020! This poem is one of my favorites, an oldie but a goodie written back when I was in college and still a fearless (if not lonely) dreamer, and so full of hope. It feels like a fitting way to welcome the new year:

I boarded a great ship
It took me to the sea
I was swept into the ocean
Taken far away from me.

Summer’s here and moving slow
The sun is never out
Only rays of longing stretch
Grey shades of endless doubt.

But in my mind—exhilaration
A force propels a change within
A course to sail to leave this place
Be a new girl that I’ve never been.

To wake and live what I’ve dreamt inside
I need only wait a few more seasons
Then seek the last of my desires
In a wake of too long hidden reasons.

Only God can see the future
And my eyes awash with tears
The ship will dock in my hometown
Waves rushing to grasp the pier.

"The Brandenburg," copyright 2020 Amelia Cotter (first published in Way of the Word Limited First Edition Anthology, 2009)

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