Friday, July 23, 2021

New Item: Omega (Ö) Pathworking Solid Perfume and Anointing Balm!

Introducing our newest handmade item from Amelia's DragonGoddess Boutique! Jonathan's latest creation is a solid perfume and anointing balm, ideal for magickal or personal use, that smells and feels absolutely lovely. All DragonGoddess Boutique items are available from my online Store and now at my in-person appearances as well! Thanks and Happy Hauntings!

Each attractively packaged kit comes with one fragrance tin and corresponding affirmation card.

About: This solid perfume and anointing balm was handmade by Amelia’s husband Jonathan, using premium essential oils, extracts, and absolutes. Inspired by ancient anointing oil and temple incense recipes, it can be applied before meditation or ritual work, or used like a standard, unisex perfume. Test on a small patch of skin on the forearm before applying.

Fragrance: Earthy, floral, resinous, and woody spices with a honeyed finish.

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Beeswax, Benzoin Extract, Myrrh CO2 Extract, Rose Absolute, Sandalwood Essential Oil, and Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil.

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