Wednesday, February 1, 2017

#GiveBackGetInvolved: Have an Action Plan

Sharing this simple personal action plan, one of many being shared on social media right now, for effective activism and volunteerism. Each of us can do something!:

1) Make a short list of the issues that are most important to you. Pick two or three. Each of us has different gifts. You can't do everything and be everywhere all the time.

2) Find local and national organizations that address these issues and connect with them on social media, join their mailing lists, and/or join the organizations.

3) Call your state senators weekly, or daily if possible, regarding these issues. Ask friends in swing states to do the same.

4) Be present if, when, and where you can be. Attend, organize, speak up, support, volunteer. Be a good friend and neighbor.

5) Donate $5 or more, here and there, to the issues and organizations you support.

6) Share your action items on social media, and any tangible results you witness, to help motivate others and support hope and progress. Sharing any good that you do is so inspirational.

7) Practice self-care. You can be an effective and empathic person without having to suffer.