Monday, April 3, 2017

Story #2: Animal

Another piece of flash fiction, written by 13-year-old me. I found this recently and was thinking that some of my best writing ideas came to me when I was a child. With some serious polishing, some of these ideas have gone on to become published works. I wouldn't necessarily call this little gem one of my best, but it was good practice:

I crouched low behind a tree, keeping my eyes on the creature. It watched me back, perched on its haunches, alert to my presence. It looked to be tall and thin with bright, wild brown eyes. Its long straight snout extended before it. It seemed to sniff the air in short, quick breaths.

I crouched even lower and began to inch forward. It was about ten yards away from me. I relaxed my breathing. At this distance, it was an easy target but I would still need to be very careful. I could still startle it away.

We looked back and forth at each other for a few long moments. A fly buzzed around me and I instinctively shook my head. That startled the creature and it re-positioned itself, then trained its snout in my direction again.

It settled once more, and so did I. Then it abruptly stood upright on two legs. Very tall and very still. I decided now was the time. I rose up, readying myself for my chance. As I did, the creature made a sudden piercing sound that rendered me temporarily deaf.

Something sharp then stung me in the shoulder. Shocked, I fell to the ground, tumbled over myself, righted myself quickly, and retreated into the forest as fast as I could.

The creature made this strange sound two more times, but I only felt the terrible stinging sensation once. Limping, I found my way through the underbrush and back to my den. No kill today. Hopefully next time.

"Animal," copyright 2017 Amelia Cotter