Runner-Up, Haiku Master of the Month on Haiku Masters.
Photo by Jonathan Montgomery Pollock (Chinatown in Chicago, Illinois).
Honorable Mention, Soka Matsubara International Haiku Competition"apparitions"
February 2020

Second Place, 2018 Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine World Haiku Competition, "a lizard drops its tail"
February 2019

Honorable Mention, Autumn Moon Haiku Contest 2018, "my parents aging"
November 2018

Runner-Up, Haiku Master of the Month, Haiku Masters"jazz guitar" with photo by Jonathan Montgomery Pollock
May 2018

Editor's Choice, Haibun, cattails April 2018 Edition, "We Are Made of Star Stuff" (pg. 74 and with editor's commentary pg. 98)
April 2018

Second Place, Monsters Category by Adult Non-Resident, Highland Park Poetry's 2018 Poetry Challenge (and Chapbook), "Him" with photos by Jonathan Montgomery Pollock
April 2018

Judges' Favorite, 2018 Golden Haiku Competition, "blue planet" (pg. 39)
March 2018

Haiku Master of the Week, Week #3, Haiku Masters"itch" with photo by Jonathan Montgomery Pollock
May 2017

Third Place, 2016 Haiku Society of America Best Unpublished Haibun Awards, "Anxiety"
Autumn 2016

Honorable Mention, 2010 Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine World Haiku Contest, "dusk"
February 2011