Other Writing

The Feminine Macabre: A Woman's Journal of
All Things Strange and Unusual
"The Doorway Between," Dark Village
September 2023

"Calling Frog Survey in Lincoln Park, Chicago" (pg. 135) and "The International Herpetological Symposium," Bulletin of the Chicago Herpetological Society Vol. 58, No. 8 (pg. 140)
August 2023

"Maryland Ghosts 10 Years Later: Still Haunted," Haunted Magazine Issue 36
December 2022

September 2022

September 2022

"The Amphibian Foundation's Master Herpetologist Certification Program," Bulletin of the Chicago Herpetological Society Vol. 56, No. 6 (pg. 92)
June 2021

"There's Something About Mary: The Lively Female Spirits of the Old Baraboo Inn," The Feminine Macabre: A Woman's Journal of All Things Strange and Unusual
March 2021

"Not That House, This House: The True Story of a Girl and a Ghost," Haunted Magazine Issue 29
March 2021

"Farah's Ghost," Mookychick
June 2020

"Burn the Witch," Stentorian Bitch February 2020
February 2020

"Andy," Barren Magazine Issue No. 8
April 2019

"On Writing," Write Across Chicago
July 2018

"Amelia's Ghost Adventures," Black is the New AP Style
October 2017

"Lincoln Park: City Cemetery," Visitations No. 2, by Scott Larson
April 2017

"The Phantom House of Bachelor's Grove," Haunted Bachelors Grove, by Ursula Bielski
October 2016 (first published in Encounters with the Paranormal: Personal Tales of the Supernatural, October 2014)

Medals, Memories, and a Journey in Healing: Reflections on Vietnam, My Private War, with Bernard W. Masino
September 2014 (for a free PDF copy, contact Amelia at ameliamcotter@gmail.com)

"When the Goatman Comes," Lost in the Witching Hour
August 2014

The Haunted Letters: True Tales from a Ghost-Storied Life, with Bernard W. Masino
July 2013 and 2020 (for a free PDF copy, contact Amelia at ameliamcotter@gmail.com)

"Prisoners of Circumstance," Frederick Magazine Vol. 27, No. 10
October 2012

Die Purpurnen Kommen!, German translation of The Purples Are Coming!, by Ilow and Sheri Roque
June 2012

"Stories from Camp Frederick: German World War II POWs in Frederick, Maryland," German Pulse
February-March 2012 (first published in German-American Journal Vol. 57, No.1-No. 5, February-October 2009)

"Dakota Morning," Black Oak Presents: A Journal of Mid-American Culture Winter 2010 Edition
Winter 2010

Content Consultant with Heinemann-Raintree Publishers, Comparing Body Coverings, by Rebecca Rissman and Comparing Creatures, by Rupert Fandangleman
July 2009

"The Adventures of Oskar and Atticus: Read and Learn German," German-American Journal Vol. 57, No. 3-Vol. 59, No. 3
June 2009-July 2011