Forest Haiku Walk at Holmes County Open Air Art Museum
in Millersburg, Ohio. Photo by Julie Warther.
"In a Cemetery," Honorable Mention, Free Verse Award, Illinois State Poetry Society 2022 Poetry Contest 
December 2022

October 2022

"whispers of autumn," Visiting the Wind: Haiku Society of America Members' Anthology 2021
November 2021

"crushed by guilt," Honorable Mention, 2021 Haiku Society of America Gerald Brady Memorial Award for Best Unpublished Senryu (also published in Frogpond 44.3)
Autumn 2021

"wishes," Words in Bloom: A Year of Haiku at Chicago Botanic Garden at Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois
Summer 2021

May 2021

"Milky Way," 2021 Golden Haiku Competition

"old loves," Frogpond 43.3
Autumn 2020

"Binary Star," cattails October 2020 Edition (pg. 113)
October 2020

"stuck," Bundled Wildflowers: Haiku Society of America 2020 Members' Anthology
October 2020

"shrunken tumors", 2019 Turtle Light Press Haiku Contest Favorites (pg. 5)
July 2020 (first published in The Signature Haiku Anthology: Including Senryu and Tanka, May 2020 and Acorn: a journal of contemporary haiku #26, Spring 2011)

"Jackson Square at Night, New Orleans," Highland Park Poetry's 2020 Public Art Poetry Contest (and Chapbook)
June 2020

"In a Bar," Crêpe & Penn Issues No. 6 & 7, February/April 2020 (pg. 20)
May 2020

"here among the stars" (pg. 10), Third Place, Mars Category by Adult Non-Resident, Highland Park Poetry's 2020 Poetry Challenge (and Chapbook)
April 2020 (first published in Highland Park Poetry Summer Muses' Gallery (pg. 17), Summer 2014 and as Going to Mars with MAVEN entry, launched November 2013)

"apparitions," Honorable Mention, Soka Matsubara International Haiku Competition
February 2020

"Stellar Nebula," Stentorian Bitch February 2020
February 2020

"dead of winter," A Moment's Longing: Haiku Society of America Members' Anthology 2019
October 2019

"Lakeview, Chicago," tinywords Issue 19.1
Summer 2019

"Hibernaculum," Black Bough Poetry Issue 1 (Broadside 13, pg. 15)
Summer 2019

"a lizard drops its tail," Second Place, 2018 Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine World Haiku Contest
February 2019

"Illusion of Heaven," Highland Park Poetry Winter Muses' Gallery (pg. 20)
Winter 2019

"my parents aging," Honorable Mention, Autumn Moon Haiku Contest 2018
November 2018

"jazz guitar" with photo by Jonathan Montgomery Pollock, Runner-Up, Haiku Master of the Month, Haiku Masters
May 2018

"We Are Made of Star Stuff," Editor's Choice, Haibun, cattails April 2018 Edition (pg. 74 and with editor's commentary pg. 98)
April 2018

"Him" with photos by Jonathan Montgomery Pollock, Second Place, Monsters Category by Adult Non-Resident, Highland Park Poetry's 2018 Poetry Challenge (and Chapbook)
April 2018

"blue planet," 2018 Golden Haiku Competition
March 2018

"Traveling," Highland Park Poetry Winter Muses' Gallery (pg. 17)
Winter 2018

"her worsening condition," Autumn Moon Haiku Journal Volume 1:1, Fall-Winter 2017-2018
December 2017

"dogwoods," The Wonder Code
September 2017 (Shortlisted, The Haiku Foundation 2011 Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, April 2012 and first published in The Heron's Nest Volume XIII, Issue 2, June 2011)

"parting," on down the road: Haiku Society of America 2017 Members’ Anthology
September 2017 (first published in Modern Haiku 45.2, Summer 2014)

"itch" with photo by Jonathan Montgomery Pollock, Haiku Master of the Week, Week #3, Haiku Masters
May 2017 (first published in East on Central Volume 14: 2015-2016, September 2015)

"confluence" with photo by Jonathan Montgomery Pollock, Haiku Masters
May 2017

"Honeymoon," Frogpond 40.1
Winter 2017

"Anxiety," Third Place, 2016 Haiku Society of America Best Unpublished Haibun Awards (also published in Frogpond 39.3)
Autumn 2016

"the urgency," cattails May 2016 Edition (pg. 24)
May 2016

"April showers," A Splash of Water: Haiku Society of America Members' Anthology 2015
October 2015

"her empty chair," Beyond the Grave: Contemporary Afterlife Haiku
October 2015 (first published in Take-Out Window: Haiku Society of America 2014 Members' Anthology and Maryland Ghosts: Paranormal Encounters in the Free State)

"woodland walk," Forest Haiku Walk at Holmes County Open Air Art Museum in Millersburg, Ohio
September 2015

"we hold hands," The Sacred in Contemporary Haiku
December 2014

"broken engagement," Modern Haiku 45.2
Summer 2014

"stargazing," Chrysanthemum 15 (pg. 14)
April 2014

 "after the rain," This World: Haiku Society of America 2013 Members’ Anthology
October 2013 (first published in The Heron's Nest Volume XII, Issue 3, September 2010)

"first love," Now This: Contemporary Poems of Beginnings, Renewals, and Firsts
July 2013

"resolutions," Frogpond 36.2
Spring-Summer 2013

"view from the canyon rim" and "tumbleweed," Lifting the Sky: Southwestern Haiku and Haiga
April 2013

"dusk," Honorable Mention, 2010 Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine World Haiku Contest
February 2011

"deep in the cedars," The Heron's Nest Volume XII, Issue 4
December 2010

March 2010

"The Swimmer," Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine
February 2010

"The Brandenburg" and "This Girl," Way of the Word Limited First Edition Anthology
November 2009